This site was created out of a personal need to quickly see relevant information about GPS tracks. There are also several programs and web sites available that offer certain functions for GPS track analysis and manipulation. However, most of these require special user actions (like installation) or are a bunch of unconnected tools. The idea of this site is simply to upload a track once and then do analysis on it.

Right now, the functionality is a bit limited but this will be extended over time. The idea is to keep the site simple and functional with the most essential information offered by default.

Important: The current version has some restrictions:

  • GPX files with multiple track segments are treated as one big track.
  • Large tracks may make your browser slow.
  • If you are running Internet Explorer on Windows XP or Windows 2000 on a high-res screen at > 96DPI resolution, the track will appear shifted from its original position. This is because Windows XP/2000 do not support this resolution natively. Other browsers do not have this problem.